About noahsoundz

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Christian hip hop artist NoahSoundz is turning heads across the globe. Fans describe him as “The Eminem of Christian rap,” and his music as an “emotional roller coaster.” In the sea of mediocre rap music, NoahSoundz is a breath of fresh air in this genre. He stands out not only with his twist of Pop and Rock influences, but also with his intricate word play and incredible ability to paint pictures with lyrics.

After releasing several freestyles and mix tapes in 2012, NoahSoundz landed the opportunity to be featured in a mixtape produced by “21 The Producer”. This project also featured rap artists such as Ludacris, Xzibit, and many others.

In 2016 after building a buzz online for his upcoming debut album “Gifted I’m Home,” his success in his social media campaign landed him a number of opportunities to perform locally.

NoahSoundz brings a refreshing feeling to the rap genre and sets the bar high when it comes to storytelling and emotionally conscious rap. As a family man and a father of two, NoahSoundz hopes to go on tour eventually. For now, his plan is to continue his passion as a recording artist and songwriter as well as share the good news of the Gospel with the talents and tools that God has given him.